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Oura Ring Gift Card FAQs

Where can an Oura gift card be purchased and redeemed?

Oura gift cards are currently only available for purchase in the United States, and can only be redeemed for orders shipped to an address in the United States.

How can I order a card for myself or as a gift?

Individual digital gift cards are available for purchase here.

When can I/my gift recipient expect my digital gift card order?

Digital gift cards are sent via email almost immediately or on the date designated by the purchaser.

How do I redeem my Oura gift card?

Oura gift cards can be redeemed in the United States only for authorized products at by entering your gift card information at checkout.

What if I have a question about redeeming a gift card?

If you or your gift recipient have any questions or difficulty redeeming a gift card, please reach out to Oura Ring.

Does a TGCM ORNG Issued Oura gift card have an expiration date or any associated non-use fees?

TGCM ORNG Issued Oura gift cards do not expire or incur any fees.

How can I check my gift card balance on a TGCM ORNG Issued gift card?

Gift card balances can be checked at, by applying the gift card to your cart at checkout or by contacting our team at 866-973-9414 or

How can I request a refund for my TGCM ORNG Issued Oura gift card if it has a low balance?

Where required by law, remaining balances on cards may be subject to refund. If your TGCM ORNG Issued Oura gift card has a verifiable balance of $10 or less, please contact 866-973-9414 or to request a refund.

How can I request a replacement on a lost, stolen or damaged TGCM ORNG Issued Oura gift card?

To request a replacement or report a lost or stolen card, please contact

What if my gift recipient doesn't know their Oura Ring size?

If you or your gift recipient is unsure of their Oura Ring size, they can use the gift card and select the free sizing kit option while purchasing an Oura Ring on They’ll receive a complimentary sizing kit with plastic ring sizers to test for the right fit and can confirm their Oura Ring size later for delivery. See Tips for Determining Your Oura Ring Size for more information.